Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is a multi-award winning and well respected Australian acrobatics ensemble. The company creates engaging works of acrobatic art for touring, festivals and corporate clients. Formed in 2009 in Adelaide, South Australia, the ensemble creates and directs their own work with emphasis on an honest approach to performance, moving away from traditional circus and theatre models, towards a fusion of acrobatic physical theatre.

The company’s first work Freefall has toured extensively across regional and metropolitan Australia since its conception in 2009, receiving rave reviews and winning multiple awards including; Best Circus at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe, Tour Ready at the 2011 Adelaide Fringe and both Best Circus and Best Emerging Circus/Physical Theatre Performer at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe. Freefall was nominated for Pick of the Fringe at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe.

In 2013 Gravity & Other Myths Premiered their second work ‘A Simple Space’ at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival winning the weekly award for Best Circus and receiving a nomination for Best Circus Overall.

The Company continues to grow and evolve, pushing their physical and creative boundaries and striving for wide spread and unique performance opportunities.

Current Touring Company Members

Triton Tunis-Mitchell

Triton was just a small boy of age 5 when he started in the circus. His journey has been as student, trainer and master trainer throughout the Australian circus scene and working in commercial, festival and independent productions. With a wide variety of skills to call on, he is probably best at being stood on (the life of an acrobatic base). It‘s the enjoyment of the "play" in circus creation that keeps him coming back. 28 years later he is still somewhat of a small boy, just inhabiting a man’s body.

Lachlan Binns

At an early age Lachy was enthralled and inspired by a local circus show, in the following years he was drawn into the world of circus and physical performance. Specialising in group acrobatics Lachy is not quite big enough to be called a base yet not light enough to be called a flyer. He has embraced what he maintains is the vital role of ‘middle’. His passion for creativity is a driving force for both his work as a trainer for young people and as a performer and founding member of Gravity & Other Myths.

Jascha Boyce

Jascha Boyce has been a performer almost all of her life. Beginning as soon as she could walk with dance performances in the lounge room, she discovered circus at age 4 and it wasn’t long before she spent all of her time upside down and in the air. After years spent training, teaching and performing Jascha focuses her creative passion through Gravity & Other Myths. She is a flyer in a majority of the group acrobatics as well as specialising in hula hoop and adagio.

Martin Schreiber

Alongside competitive gymnastics, Martin has been involved in the circus community for most of his life both as a circus trainer and finally as a performing artist. As one of the founding members of Gravity & Other Myths, Martin has performed both nationally and internationally with skills that including pitching, floor tumbling and group acrobatics. Martin hopes to continue creating work and inspiring audiences worldwide through the joy and spectacle of circus.

Jacob Randell

Jacob is a jack of all trades when it comes to circus and sport, showing enthusiasm, energy and strong natural talent at all times. He has found a way to express his creative passion through circus and physical performance. Jacob specializes in handstands acrobatic pitching and adagio, floating between roles as both a base and flyer. He aspires to continue to pursue his wild side through circus performance balanced alongside engineering studies.

Elliot Zoerner

Since taking up the drums at age 11, Elliot has played with a wide variety of musical groups in Australia. While studying classical percussion and engineering at Adelaide University, the circus entered his life, pulled him away from his studies and took him on tour. He now works as a live musician and composer for GOM, collaborating with the acrobats to create the soundtracks for their shows. While on tour, he has continued to write music and release it under the name Sirins.

Head to the music page to hear his work

Simon McClure

At age 10 Simon started down his acrobatic path and joined the Flying Fruit Flies Circus (FFFC) in Albury. After seven years of training he went on tour as a technician with the company Acrobat, while also teaching acrobatics at the FFFC. Simon has performed a number of acts in a variety of cabaret settings before joining Gravity & Other Myths in 2014 specialising in tumbling and group acrobatics.

Joanne Curry

Jo always knew she wanted to be the ‘girl who gets thrown around’ in the circus. After 7 years of competing nationally in Sports Acrobatics she tumbled into completing certificate 3 and 4 in Circus Arts at NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts). Joanne gained confidence and drive through travel, using the world to find and define her style within the performing arts. She specialises in Partner Acrobatics and Handbalancing.

Lachlan Harper

Lachlan was age 4 when his parents put him into gymnastics to try and tire him out. After 11 years of training he sought a new way to explore his body’s acrobatic capabilities, his first taste of circus was when a friend introduced him to pitching. He became obsessed, having a career of being thrown around, flipping, and having fun was the dream. He pursued his career as a circus artist by attending the National Institute of Circus Arts where he specialised in handstands, acrobatics, and banquine.

Company Members

Rhiannon Cave-Walker

Starting Circus in the creative hills behind Byron Bay, Australia, Rhiannon began training with the Spaghetti Circus from the age of 4. With this being a dominant driving force through her childhood and schooling years her sights were set on a successful, colourful and adventurous performing career. After being exposed to the European circus scene Rhiannon was driven to push her circus skills to a professional level, developing her performing ability and specialising in hand balancing at DOCH (Dans och Cirkus Hogskolan) before joining Gravity & Other Myths.

Daniel Liddiard

Dan started his training in England at age 7, competing at a national level as a flyer in sports acrobatic gymnastics. At the age of 16 Dan realised he wanted to bring his acrobatic skills to the stage, and began training pair acrobatics and hand balancing at both Circomedia, one of England’s top circus schools and DOCH in Sweden (Dans och Cirkus Hogskolan) before becoming a member of Gravity & Other Myths.