Seed Funding Support for Circus and Movement Artists

What’s this all about?

Gravity & Other Myths want to actively support the growth of our community and artists. Government funding is scarce and often confusing, so we’ve decided to allocate some of our own resources to give artists a leg up in the form of Micro Loans to support costs the are limiting you taking on a good opportunity.

This might mean support with:

  • Fringe registration fees,
  • Travel costs
  • Professional development costs
  • Making a promo video
  • Equipment or costume costs for a specific gig
  • Or lots of other costs that prevent you taking the next step in your career.

I’m listening. What’s the story?

We had support from friends, informal mentors, the Australian circus scene and local arts people. Their support helped us find and open more doors to opportunity; some little, some big and some difficult to get through.

In 2013 we got lucky. One door we found ourselves squeezing through was creating and self funding our 2013 tour of A SIMPLE SPACE to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It turned out to be the just right opportunity for our company. It lead to meeting a great agent who opened up international touring opportunities. And here we are now, two years later as a successful full-time, essentially self funded company… still trying to find and open doors to the next big thing for our company.

The point being, it’s not all about hard work or being good at your craft. These two are both a given. But on top of these things you need friendly support to keep at it, a network that can introduce the right opportunities, and maybe some funding to help you see what’s behind the next door. And even then, you still some need some dumb luck!

We can’t help you with all of these. But we can help you with some. The Seed Fund is part of that.