We are Gravity & Other Myths… but our mates call us GOM.

We are a family brought together by our love and passion for circus training, and are proud to be part of a strong Australian circus scene. Starting in 2009 as a young independent ensemble, our company’s journey over the past nine years has been a mixture of hard work and good fortune.

We have been supported by many great people along the way but at the heart of it we are a DIY ensemble, from creation to direction, marketing to production… it’s got our fingerprints all over it.

Our work is strong, cheeky, daring and innovative, a true product of the ensemble that creates it.

We are looking to add an artist who is passionate and energetic to the GOM family. You will be replacing a member of the cast in BACKBONE, who will be taking some time off touring in the coming months. You will join the cast on tour to rehearse into the show at the earliest convenience.

Must be available June/July 2018 until early January 2019

As you will be stepping into an existing role in the show, the requirements are quite specific. We will adjust the show to fit your skills and personality, but this will be a tight turnaround and we are looking for a relatively close match. If you don’t hit all the requirements, please send through your expressions of interest anyway; we would still love to hear from you.

Please send your application to casting@gomcircus.com.au  by June 8.

See requirements below:

  • Ideal weight: 42 – 52kg
  • Extremely comfortable flying 3 highs
  • Strong handstands (1 arm not required)
  • Experience in flying Hand to hand
  • Experience in Acrobatic Swinging
  • Experience in Banquine
  • Standing backsault (preferred, but not essential)

Please answer the following questions in your expression of interest

  • Age, height and weight
  • How do you fit with each of the requirements listed above?
  • What experience do you have touring and performing circus or other artforms?
  • Did you study circus? If so at what level/institution(s)?
  • Have you seen GOMs work before and do you enjoy/identify with our style?
  • Are you a cat person or Dog person?
  • Would you rather have a cheeseburger or an acai salad bowl?
  • Which are better, Smarties or M&Ms?
  • It’s the weekend, do you stay home with a cup of tea or hit the town and have a boogie?
  • Send us 3 of your favourite videos or memes.
  • Please Include any current performance videos and showreels.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Team GOM